International Fine Print Dealers Association

Three Websites Transform an Art Institution

Three Websites Transform an Art Institution

Improving online visibility, reputation and business for a multi-faceted organization

MediaCombo designed and launched three new websites for the International Fine Print Dealers Association in 2017:, and We have had the privilege of creating and maintaining the IFPDA’s online presence since 2009. is the most recent site to come online, launching in time for the upcoming 2017 Fine Art Print Fair. IFPDA’s Print Fair is only open to their membership, an international group of the world’s most reputable art dealers. The Fair attracts buyers from all over the world too, who come for the fair and a week of special exhibitions, talks and private salons held throughout the city. The stunning redesign of this website makes the excitement around the Print Fair palpable!

The Association website is purposely designed to informally introduce its 157 member dealers to the public, and to assist site visitors in their exploration of the artworks and artists represented by these dealers.

Since there was no place on the old site where visitors could browse all the artworks dealers were offering, our first improvement on the new site was to create a Viewing Room. Here people can filter all 4,200 artworks by artist, price range, art period, and print medium. They can sort works by “most recently added,” or “new editions,” which is useful for frequent visitors. They can search for artists alphabetically.

The site is designed to encourage relationships between member dealers and potential print buyers.

Another objective of the site is to support sales without becoming an e-commerce hub. Many dealers already sell through online auction sites and don’t need another online sales outlet. Instead the site is designed to develop trust and encourage relationship building between member dealers and potential print buyers. Member profile pages give each dealer a place to describe their expertise and their philosophy so people can discover many different dealers at once and contact individual dealers directly.

To facilitate these introductions, the Conversations section of the site presents several short informative video interviews with dealers, as well as artists. The site also includes a greatly enhanced Press section, which facilitates immediate and future press coverage.

We managed every aspect of the process of creating both new sites, from organizing user focus groups to designing the user experience, to interface design and custom CMS development.

The IFPDA Foundation has never had its own website before so this new site gives it well deserved visibility and a more powerful way to appeal to public and private donors and funders. MediaCombo created a distinctive look and feel for the site, and a separate CMS. The design emphasizes the foundation’s goals: to inspire and support educational projects aimed at fostering connoisseurship in the field of fine prints for a new generation of collectors, curators, and specialists.


  • Ellen Zhao, graphic designer
  • Miriam Simun, UX Designer
  • Miriam Songster, UX designer
  • Awais Qarni, lead developer
  • Anandaroop Roy, Drupal developer
  • Atta Assad/TkXel, web development
  • Erica Newman, project manager
  • Robin White Owen, producer
  • Website
  • CMS design and build
  • content strategy
  • user experience design
  • graphic design
  • website development
  • user research
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