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An iPad App for an Exhibition

An iPad App for an Exhibition

Following Gertrude Stein with mobile technology

MediaCombo was given two assignments by the Contemporary Jewish Museum. One was to create a user friendly and engaging interface for an iPad application containing very diverse content about Gertrude Stein’s visit to the U.S. in 1934.

The other was to create three compelling videos out of old stills and aging film footage about Gertrude Stein’s life and work.

The Gertrude Stein Chronicles

The iPad app was designed to look like a newspaper because the app includes over 40 articles written about her trip. Reporters, delighted by her wordplay, wrote about her constantly. Readers can also peruse albums containing many caricatures, quotes from her lectures and several rare photographs.

An interactive map that functions like Gertrude’s diary, allows visitors to follow her trip through 23 states over a period of six months, by date, or by state.

Three Videos

Stein Through the Years is a video portrait of the artist created from a photo morphing sequence that starts with Stein as a child of three, and ends just before her death at 74. You can watch it below.

The Wars video documents her life with Alice B. Toklas in Paris during WW1, where they drove an ambulance for the wounded, and WW2 when they survived in the French countryside, and afterwards entertained American GIs.

The third video, Ballets and Operas is an arresting compilation of footage from a variety of performances of Four Saints in Three Acts, the opera for which Stein wrote the libretto.

Video Production
  • Collaborate with client to determine content for all media
  • Design image sequences and graphics
  • Edit videos
  • iPad Application
  • design user experience
  • design graphical interface
  • program application for iPad and PC Touch
  • TEAM
  • Michael Owen, Video Director/Editor
  • Natacha Ruck, Video Director/Editor
  • Robin White Owen, iPad Producer
  • Ellen Zhao, Graphic Designer
  • Till Bergs, Programmer
  • Category

    Audio & Video, Web & Interactive

    Art, History, iPad app, Literature, Map, Video