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Test Drive the 2nd Avenue Subway in a Sim Game!

Test Drive the 2nd Avenue Subway in a Sim Game!

How a Game Generates Community Support

MediaCombo was brought in by the MTA to help educate the community about the construction of the Second Avenue Subway. From 63rd Street to 96th Street people have dealt with the inconveniences posed by the project for the benefits of a brand new subway line.

Three years ago MTA Capitol Construction opened the Second Avenue Subway Community Information Center (CIC) to engage and excite the neighborhood about the project. When people have a better understanding of the political, technical and design challenges presented by this immense project, their frustration often turns to admiration.

Exhibitions on iPads

MediaCombo built an interactive component for the CIC exhibition series on iPads and large screens with headsets. Visitors can now watch videos and study maps, documents and other images, in English and Spanish. Four exhibitions have been presented so far, on the subway line’s History, Technology, Design, and the People who’ve built it.

Test Drive the 2nd Avenue Subway Video Game

Another feature of the Center that has garnered significant attention is the game we built, “Test Drive the Second Avenue Subway.” This high resolution 3D simulation, played with a physical controller, allows visitors to become a virtual subway operator, driving along stops at 96th, 86th, 72nd and 63rd streets.

Tournament Winners

The game is so popular MTA Capitol Construction organized a tournament with winners in three age categories! The playoffs were serious business! You can see what it is like to play the second avenue subway sim game below.

Fun Fact 1

Construction of the Second Avenue Subway, first proposed in 1929, finally began in 2007. The project has been moving full steam ahead since then. The subway officially opened on January 1, 2017.

Fun Fact 2

A tunnel boring machine weighing 485 tons drilled through the schist bedrock beneath the streets of Manhattan to create the uptown and downtown tunnels.

Fun Fact 3

Funding has been earmarked to extend the line up to 125th Street in Phase 2.

Fun Fact 4

You can play the game at the Community Information Center,  located at 1628 Second Avenue between 84th and 85th

  • Ellen Zhao, Graphic Designer
  • Mike Sheffield, Jared Ringel/First Dynamic, IPad developers
  • Matthew Schlanger/Black Hammer Productions; Sim game designer
  • Carl Huebner/Studio Mercenary; Sim game 3D graphics
  • Robin White Owen; iPad & Sim game producer
  • Test Drive Sim Game
  • game design
  • design and build physical controller
  • design 3D graphics in Cryengine
  • iPad Exhibitions
  • graphic design consulting
  • update application content
  • enable remote updating
  • cast & record voices for video narration
  • Services

    Software, Web & Interactive

    Game, iPad app