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Inspiring Visitors With Spellbinding Stories

For Stratford Hall’s new on site mobile tour, MediaCombo was asked to create an audio experience to immerse visitors in the multi-generational story of Robert E. Lee’s ancestral home.

Visitors can walk from room to room listening to family members whose stories of life at Stratford are by turns tender, patriotic and scandalous.

Stratford Hall exterior

One of our greatest challenges was deciding which family members and stories to leave out. Robert E. Lee’s great-grandfather Thomas Lee began building Stratford Hall around 1738. For almost 100 years it was the base of operations for Lee brothers, uncles, sisters, wives and mothers, for whom the political, economic and social dramas of the founding of our nation were personal.

We wrote scripts based on first person accounts from family members, and directed voice actors in the roles of four generations of Lees. It’s no coincidence that their concerns about loved ones, finances and reputation are the same ones we have today.

Lee Family Tree

Time Lapse Video

We also produced a time lapse video for the mobile tour, so visitors can go behind the scenes to see what restoration work on an old house looks like. The camera captured the deconstruction of the 1930s renovation of the Parlor, to prepare it for a more historically accurate restoration in 2015. You can watch an excerpt below.

In addition to the Lee Family Tour, the mobile app offers three other tours: Geek Tour is a behind the scenes tour about restoring the house and furniture; SquirrelLee University is a game for kids developed by GreenDoor Labs; and n-Compass, developed by Halsey Burgund allows visitors exploring the grounds, to encounter sounds from the time of the plantation, and accounts from visitors right up to today. They’ll be able to leave their own comments too.

The mobile application was developed by OnCell/Toursphere. This unique collection of tours in the (Re)Discover Stratford mobile app was guided, from concept to completion, by consultant Charles Outhier.

Southeastern Museum Conference Award

We are pleased to announce that our app won the Silver medal for apps at the 2016 Southeastern Museum Conference!

Fun Fact 1

Two of Robert E. Lee’s great uncles, Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee, signed the Declaration of Independence.

Fun Fact 2

“Lighthorse Harry Lee,” Robert E. Lee’s father, fought under George Washington in the Revolutionary War, and spoke a eulogy at Washington’s funeral.

Fun Fact 3

When Robert E. Lee was just a baby, his father was sent to debtors’ prison and creditors were carting off furniture from Stratford, in lieu of payments.

audio tour
  • concept development
  • research
  • script writing
  • cast & record voices for audio narration
  • music selection and sound mix
  • time lapse video
  • equipment set up
  • design method for staff monitoring
  • produce final video
  • Testimonial
    "The different voices and the music have been things people mention as their favorites. Also the ability to linger....The guided tour spends about 3.5 minutes in there, but a group of self-guiding women spend about 15. When they were listening to the Lee family stops... they were looking up and interacting with the space. One of the women actually starts conducting the music!" Abigail Newkirk, Director of Interpretation & Education

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