A Video of Craftsmanship

A Video of Craftsmanship

Envisioning quality, effort, and craftsmanship.

For this project, Michael Owen responded to a post on Production Hub by Meghan Hessel, the Creative Director of CAPEZIO at the time, seeking a producer for a video shoot for their new pointe shoe, the Cambré. So Michael reached out to his long time friend and colleague, Director/Photographer Manfred Reiff and together they put together a proposal for Meghan.

Working during the period between Christmas and New Years, with Michael in Los Angeles, Reiff in Germany, and Meghan in New Jersey, the project came together in long distance.


Reiff’s idea was to emphasize the craftsmanship and the long tradition that CAPEZIO had in making shoes and to compare that quality and effort with the work that a dancer has to do to get ready for her performance.


The story involved the making of the CAPEZIO Cambré shoe at their factory and a ballerina of the American Ballet Theater, April Giangeruso, making preparations to dance.

Two days were spent filming. The first day was dedicated to filming and photographing at the factory. The second day, Giangeruso was filmed at the dance studio and was photographed by Reiff in a special photo shoot.

Finally, the Editor, Peter Shelton, put together the different threads of video creating a 1 min 42 sec version as well as a 15 sec version video clip.


The soundtrack featured in this video is Blizzard by Kai Engel (Chapter One / Cold).

Fun Fact 1

Ballet started in Italy and quickly became popular in France and all over Europe. Ballet even reached Russia and today it exists all over the world.

Fun Fact 2

At first, only men danced ballet because women were not allowed to dance in public!

Fun Fact 3

Most ballerinas wear out two or three pairs of ballet slippers per week!

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