We use technology to build accessible,

enriching, impactful experiences.

Our intention is to provide leadership, create strong relationships and deliver as promised.

We can help you reach your audiences wherever they are finding you – on site, on their mobile devices, desktops or virtual reality headsets through:

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us.

We begin by learning about:

  • Your goals
  • Your audiences
  • Your story to communicate
  • Your measures of success

So you can:

  • Reach new audiences around the world
  • Engage with visitors onsite and online
  • Increase earned income
  • Augment your impact

Thank you Michael, I don't know anyone more helpful on earth when it comes to professionalism.

Irena Timlina
Series Agency, NY

Services We Provide

We work with you to explore the potential of the experiences you want to create. We’ll provide strategic guidance, content creation, user experience and state-of-the-art development and production to make those experiences vibrant, engaging and inspiring.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Design & Development.

Virtual experiences are the best substitute for real world experiences when those are too dangerous or too difficult, or not even possible because they haven’t happened yet, or happened in the past.

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Pollock-Krasner House & Study Center

The intention behind creating the virtual reality experience Tracing Paint was to bring the Pollock-Krasner House paintings back into the studio so visitors could have a deeper appreciation of what was created in this historic place.

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Touch Screen, Mobile & Web Applications.

Creating two dimensional interactives experiences can serve many purposes.

Linking social activism from the 1650’s to the 21st Century

Museum of City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York wanted to bring their permanent exhibition Activist New York to a broad audience on the web. The site needed to function as an ongoing repository for previous, current and new topics presented in the gallery, as a source of lesson plans for teachers, and to provide a place to publish #ActivistNY social media posts.

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Audio & Video Production.

These methods of storytelling are essential components of both in-gallery and offsite presentations, distributed through audio tours, websites and social media.

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The goal was to create a video for the Caribbean region’s first science center, Centro Criollo de Ciencia y Tecnología (C3TEC), in Caguas, Puerto Rico that made environmental sustainability feel like a personal goal.

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We use our experience and expertise with a wide range of digital technologies to develop highly effective products to support relationships with your visitors globally and locally.