The Brooklyn Navy Yard

A Video History

A Video History

Telling the stories of the Yard and the new Museum

When the Brooklyn Navy Yard commissioned MediaCombo to produce two large screen videos about its 200 year history, we faced an embarrassment of riches in choosing which stories about inventors, war heroes, ships and commerce would best capture the spirit of the Yard.

Still from Building The Yard video

The first program, Building The Yard, begins with the early days when Wallabout Bay was full of British prison ships, the establishment of the New York Naval Yard, Commodore Perry, the discovery of Ether (a great boon to Union soldiers), The Monitor, The Maine and more. It remained of the most important military bases in the United States until 1966.

Reinventing the Yard picks up the story in 1966 at the moment when the U.S. Navy decommissioned the Yard. The 1970s and ‘80s were bleak decades that nearly destroyed this once vital hub of industry, where 70,000 people worked during WW2.

Today the Yard has become a thriving sustainable urban industrial park. It all comes together in a deftly woven combination of archival news footage and original interviews we filmed with many of the key players during the summer of 2011.

Brooklyn Navy Yard today

We also produced the “Building 92 Stories,” a series of short videos about the historic Building 92 site, and the process of designing and building their new exhibition center to meet LEED Platinum standards. We also created several oral histories, slide shows and other media pieces for the exhibition. The entire project was summed up nicely by Andrew Kimball, then President and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, as you can see below.

Working closely with the team at Building 92, we researched and wrote all scripts; conducted image research in private, government and news historical archives; organized multiple shoot days to film more than 20 people on location, as well as b-roll. We managed post-production, commissioned graphics and animation and supervised the sound mix and design for more than 25 programs.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92 opened to the public in November 2011 as an exhibition and visitors center, operated by the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC).

Banner photo: Ber Murphy

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